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September Newsletter

Well it has been a while; in fact this will be the first newsletter for 2012. My start to this year was not as it was meant to be, and as such the love for all things cars left me for a few months.

Also I have totally immersed myself on other projects which meant my beloved UK Passats took an undeserved back seat, for far too long.

So what has the last 8 months seen in the B platform world? Well we have grown again; we are currently sporting 18,374 members. Which is a huge leap on last year’s figures, I am not sure VWNutant would have ever dreamed he would reach this number when he started UKP all those years ago.

We had our annual UK Passats The Gathering in June, which saw us for join forces with Dubsmania. The organiser of this event is also responsible for Ultimate Dubs, All Types and Bus Types. So he knows his way around a show. This took some of the pressure off the UKP admin team in the run into the show. 2012 saw the numbers increase again, the weather did us no favours, so we believe we made the right choice in joining forces with Dubs Mania.

As usual we held our annual raffle, with some great prizes donated from some great supporters of UKP. So a big thanks to the following companies for their continued support:

Adrian Flux
Muc Off
Venom Motorsport
Dread Clothing
Tinted Vision

Also a big thank you to FAB finishing for another stunning trophy production, Si you really are gonna have to go some to better this year’s offering.

2013 will see us continuing the joint venture, fingers crossed for better weather and the numbers to continue to increase.

Have fun!

Matt aka Mifkif


September's How Too - American Cruzing Lights

One of my favourite UKP modders, Mocco, has taken the time to show us how to create the good old US look of the original running lights. It's nice to see that Mocco is still dabbling with his cars and also taking time to provide us with an excellent How To.
Big thanks
Check it out here - Cruzing Lights


September Car Of The Month

This month the prestigious title and winner’s hat, went to our very own Essex boy, Rob.c. Having met Rob and his good lady at a couple of shows this year, I can safely say it is well deserved. He is a true enthusiast who is always 'tinkering' with his car. Now that he has won the title he might even consider withdrawing his for sale ad.

In the meantime, you can check out his build thread here.


Say Hi as you pass by

As mentioned above, we are growing at an amazing rate. So whenever you check in to see what is going on on your favourite Passat forum, please try and give a welcome nod to the latest members.

You remember how it felt when you wrote that introductory post, then struggled uploading pictures and kept checking to see if anyone had welcomed you into the fold, I am sure you hat tipping will be well received and much appreciated, and it only takes a minute or two. Plus it is a cheeky way of getting your post count up, just don't the rest of the admin team I shared their secret.

Thanks in advance.


Members Motors

Have a look through other members build threads, either for inspiration or just to pass time at work. I am sure there will be a build which will tickle all tastes. Check them all here

Passat Perversion?

You see it, just there, another modded Passat. But who is it? Do they live round here? What work have they done to it? Post your spots in the Spotted section and maybe your questions will get answered.


Professional pictures of your favourite ride may not be be saved for that illusive magazine feature, if Ant has his way. A very well tuned photographer got talking to him at VW Festival, and they have put a bit of an offer on the table. Check out the offer here

The great static v's Air discussion continues. I think over the last few years, the benefits of having air have been shown. I have the best of both worlds; I love the old B3 on coils, but love the stance of the B6 on air. Have your say here

Car tax? Love it, loath it or just simply accept it is a cost of motoring. Does a low emission car covering 10,000's miles a year deserve a lower tax rate, than a classic car which does a couple of 1,000 miles? Let your steam off and voice your opinion here.