Goodbye and Thanks.

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Goodbye and Thanks.

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Hi Everybody.
This is a goodbye to the forum, I'm afraid. Firstly to say Thankyou to the forum. I have not contributed much but I have learnt a lot that helped me with my Passat. Most simple questions have already been asked and all I had to do was search for them.

Secondly, I have had my 2007 Passat TDi diesel estate for 10 years or so I think, and it has finally bitten the dust. On holiday this summer, I blew up the turbo which went into the engine, as far as I could tell! Big clouds of smoke, clearly frightening the Hell out of the cars behind! Thinking back about it, and after experiencing the revs limiter operating in my new car, I don't think the Passat's revs limiter had been working for a while, without realising it, and I had over revved the Passat engine on a number of occasions. Certainly when the turbo actually gave up I was revving the engine hard to pull out into traffic. That is why I say "when I blew up the turbo". And thank goodness for the AA!

I liked my Passat immensely apart from a few things. I do NOT like electronic handbrakes and really see no reason for them over proper ones. In addition to that, it cost me well over £1500 in repair bills over the years with both callipers failing at different times, causing immense irritation and problems. In addition the control unit had to be changed. All I ever think about EHB is a big WHY??

The other problem was rust. Just like my cars in the 60s, which I had hoped I had left long behind! Presumably a Friday job in the galvanising shop because I have not seen rust to the level in most other Passats of a similar vintage.

We used our Passat to pull our caravan although it was marginal in weight for our caravan. Problem solved with ATC (automatic trailer control) which I know many of your vanners will not approve of, but it worked well. Also the over hang at the rear of the car made it difficult to reverse easily. Problem solved with an electric mover fitted to the van.

My wife had been on about getting a new car for some time claiming new noises, and had already done quite a lot of research into it. So when the Passat blew up, I had to suffer massive "I told you so" silences. We have ended up with a Volvo XC60 SUV which looks as though it will do the job. However, we haven't towed yet as we are waiting for some rewiring of the towing electrics and a few other things to be sorted.

I got £318 scrap for the Passat which I didn't think was bad.

Anyway, Cheers everybody.

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