washing cars the most common mistake

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washing cars the most common mistake

Post by wastrel1066 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:14 am

just been on a couple of sites showing you 10 steps to a pro finish for your car and I can`t believe how many times I see this incorrectly done!
when cleaning ANY car do the wheels and tyres first, then, whether you pre soak, spray foam, hand wash -nomatter, when doing ANY of these methods, start along the lower part of the car, under the swage lines, front and rear bumpers and work your way UP!
one the benefits to this is, if you start on the roof or just the tops of the doors, as the suds run down they`ll cover the panels making them and the dirtiest parts impossible to see, also which parts you`ve actually washed can be impossible to find!
I remember a customer years ago had streaky marks on the wings of a mark2 cavalier and swore it was cos he hand washed the bonnet first and rinsed the soapy water over the still dirty wings, I eventually had to t-cut the wings to get rid of the marks.
if you can be bothered, wash-rinse-wash rinse all the way up a panel at a time but it gets labour intensive like this and it`s all down to how much effort you wanna put in!

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