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GTECHNIQ Chrystal Laquer?

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 9:20 pm
by wastrel1066
anyone tried GTECHNIQ chrystal laquer?
I`ve been offered this with a 3 year warranty for 250 sheets, & I reckon I`ll take it, the reviews look great & the guy who initially suggested it to me gave a tip even the company don`t know about, he fell foul of the green eyed demon, then got back with her recently, she asked what he`d done to the paint on his (beautifull black A5) car, he asked her why before giving her any explanation, she admitted she`d tried to `key` his car after they fell out, but the key wouldn`t scratch the car-literally!
that`s as good a recommendation as I`ve ever heard for a car coating!
I live opposite a bar & had my wagon `keyed` once, cost me £140 to have it polished out, so could save me dosh in the long run too!
incidentaly, heard a guy say this about a `wrap` his mate had fitted to a Focus ST, some jealous "no swearing Wastrel" keyed it, & when the wrap was removed, there wasn`t a mark on the paint!