KKD Products Test.

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KKD Products Test.

Post by vectra » Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:54 am

When I got my B8 passat Aug. 2015, I decided to use Carpro CQUK on the paint and Carpro Dlux on the wheels and plastis.
I was very happy with the protection both of these offered and the ease of maintanence,
I occasionaly topped up the CQUK with a light misting of Capro Reload.
Unfortunately after almost 14 months the bonnet / roof / Boot were showing signs of Failure.
So I pondered on what to do as I will be changing it again next August.

As I had previously used KKD shampoo, and found it excellent I decided to give some well praised products a go.

Those being KKD SiCoat

Supposed to be simple to use and last up to 4 months.

Well, I foamed and washed the car. Dried it .
Gave it a wipedown with some Carpro Eraser that I had left over since my cquk application.

I then misted on some Sicoat on one panel and spread, Moved on to another panel and repeated.
Moved back to panel one to buff as it says give 30 seconds between application and buffing.

Continued and finished to whole car which took probably 5 minutes.
Had a cuppa and a sambo.
Gave a second application in case and spot was missed.

So for now I can confirm the first part.
Ease of use.
Think of this as a QD.
Mist> Spread> one wipe to buff basically.
I will advise one thing. Have a good grip on the MF you are buffing with as it will possibly slip out of your hand.
The slick feel to the paint is fantastic.
One of the easiest and most rewarding products I have tried with a long time.
Now for the durability.
I will keep you posted on that.

Second product I bought was KKD Purity X

This can be used in several ways.
It would be best to read up on it in the above link as to how best to use it.

I plan on using it as a top up / QD for the SiCaot.

Havent used it yet as I want to see what the Sicoat is like on its own

Third product was KKD Brake Away

As I have my wheels treated with Dlux they are normally easy enough to clean.
This time I decided not to actually wash them, Instead I used a solution of Brake Away 10/1 and sprayed the wheels . Let it dwell for maybe 5 minutes and blasted them with the pareeure washer.
I was again very pleased with how they came up.
Left them at that as I wanted to see how they would look when they dry out.

I also bought some KKD Mist X

This I havent used either but got it to test at some point as i have read great reports again.
There is also a little "mix" that can be done with this and Purity X at a certain ration to give insane gloss levels.

For now I will leave you with some of the finished stage of my car.

CG Tyre Gel on the tyres very lightly as I have nothing else to use for now.

I am very very pleased with the slickness ond gloss from the SiCoat so far.








2015 White Passat 150 bhp diesel B8 Highline.
Added extras.= Discover pro headunit ~ LED Headlamps ~ 18" Dartford alloys ~ Black Nappa leather interior ~Heated windscreen.

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