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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:35 pm
by vwnutant
Good news
This is a sponsored link to discounts if you are a member of ukpassats. These discounts I've discussed with Antony and are very well priced. Only one that doesnt have a discount is the basic valet. Message me for anymore info. Discount code is ukpassatvalet
All valets shown do not display discount. Each discount varies on each valet, all around 10-15% off. Based in lancashire.
Basic valet from £40
Premium valet from £70
Ultimate valet from £100
Stage 1 protection from £350 (12 month sealant)
Stage 2 protection from £600 (5 year ceramic)
Cheers Jason

Contact member Jason Barker via facebook to discuss options and prices /custom packages etc